Sunday, February 17, 2013


hey yall shoutout to #pitchperfect i love that movie woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

cousin Kyahna

Hi my name is Kyahna and I'.m her cousin. I'm an aspiring writer check me out on my name is KyahnaAdkins. also I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S A LIE. I don't like pie


Scarred by the way you talk
Scarred by the way you walk
Scarred by the way we kissed
Scarred by the way i still miss
the way you smile
the feeling when i had not seen you in a while
i miss the time we shared
i miss the time we cared
this isn’t a beg or plead
sympathy is NOT what i need
what i need is you
a love thats been reborn brand new
a love where i’m not barred
a love where i’m not

My first song (well, chorus but watev)

A hole (song)
a hole in your heart
for all the times you’ve been hurt
a hole in your heart
for all the times you’ve been burned
a hole in your heart
through all the pain
and the suffering
you stand,you stand, you stand,you stand.....still
cuz youve got a hole in your heart

I loooovvveee the beach

The Beach
golden sand all in between your toes
a place where the smell of fresh seawater makes you crinkle your nose
the rushing water sending chills down your spine
and the way the water moves with you like a mime
you can hear the seagulls crow
and feel the pinch of the curious crab on your toe
the smack of the volleyball
                                                 feeling a pang of sadness when your parents call
                                                  to come back home
to go back to a place you wish you'd never known

L-O-V-E :)

for all the times you say you love the way i smile
for the way you open my heart when it hasn’t been open for a while
for the way you get me drunk off your love like vodka
                        for the electricity that sparks through our veins each time we see each other


Heart beating fast
waiting for time to pass
right here
hes so near
he fits you like a glove